5-Day Business Operations Transformation Station

Arslan Raziq · April 16, 2022

Welcome to the 5-Day HoneyBook Challenge!

This is a free challenge designed to teach you how to set up and make the most out of the wedding CRM system HoneyBook.

Be Sure to Read the Important Information Below!

Setting up your Free Trial

This challenge can only be applied to the CRM system HoneyBook. There are other wedding CRM systems out there, but we love HoneyBook and therefore, the content and examples shared feature HoneyBook.

7-Day Free Trial

Your free trial of HoneyBook is only 7 days! Yikes! That’s not much time, I know. I highly recommend completing each task as you receive it. No credit card is needed to start your free trial.

Get a First-Year Discount!

If you end up loving HoneyBook (like I did), be sure to get 50% off your first year by clicking here.

What to expect:

Each day you will receive a new challenge. Inside the challenge, there will be an explanation of a feature paired with a how-to video. At the bottom, you will see your new challenge for the day. You will not be able to move forward on your own. You will receive an email each day of the challenge.

What you need:

As mentioned above, seven days is not a whole lot of time. To get the most out of this challenge, be sure to schedule some quiet time without any distractions. Thirty minutes to one hour should be enough time to complete each daily challenge.

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